Super Mario themed charm bracelet

I’m a gamer myself, and I love Nintendo, something that I’ve grown up with and Super Mario was definitely and still is one of my favourites. This was so much fun to do. There was a few trial and errors, but in the end I was happy with the result.

So first, I decide on choosing what items to make, I narrowed it down to a few :-

Mario’s Hat
Luigi’s Hat
Yoshi’s Egg
Lucky Star
Yellow Brick Blocks
Mario Coin

I know, there’s quite a bit there, but in the end I decided to choose five from the list above.

So here goes nothing……

My first challenge…the Mario Hat, I had some errors with the letter M on the hat, but finally, after about three tries. It didn’t look so bad, however, my camera skills are poor, so excuse the slight blurriness.

2014-09-04 22.53.29
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

This was definitely all trial and error, I had no idea how to do the flap on the cap at first, but in the end, it was one of those moments where I’d hit myself on the head thinking ‘ Why didn’t I just do this earlier..’ >_< but that’s why they call it trial and error =P

On with the project….

With the first charm already made, now I know what the scale is for the rest of the charms, which made it a whole lot easier, as I made each charm similar size to the cap.

2014-09-04 23.03.56
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

Another bad picture, but here’s the second charm, a ‘Grow’ mushroom. I really enjoyed making this, I think it looks very cute, although I wish I made the white blobs look better.

I was quite concerned with one of charms, the coin, I didn’t know how I was going to make the grooves on the inside, which what makes the coin a Mario coin. I managed to make the oval lines by using a pin, and then smoothing it out with a round tool. Next time I will post up what tools I have, so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
I also made the lucky star, because this was my favourite item to catch, the star looks easy, but it was actually difficult to get all the corners as even as possible. They eyes really made it what it is. For my final charm, I decided to make another mushroom, not a red one, but a green ‘1up’ mushroom. After making the first ‘grow’ mushroom, I was able to craft this one a lot faster, as I used the same process.

2014-09-26 14.00.38
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

And here it is!!!! All finished from baking, I was so engrossed in making the rest of the charms that I didn’t get pictures for it =( But I can honestly say that this is so much fun to make, and it brought back a lot of memories. I actually felt the need to play again. I should really dig out my old consoles, or get the new Mario Kart ^.^

2014-09-19 23.28.49
Pixi Crafts ‘N’ Bits

Here it is again, where you can see their ‘faces’, excuse the shadow…note to self..need to work on photography skills.

I had bought a bigger chain this time, so didn’t have to double it up. It’s a decent size. I have to admit, the coin actually fell out once, and I freaked out, but it was okay, I hadn’t baked it yet, so was able to fix that problem, after it was baked, and again un-burnt (Yay x2) I covered them with a layer of gloss, and walaahhh!!

What was used :-

  • Polymer Clay – Colours -Red, white, yellow, black, green, gold
  • Silver Chain
  • Head Pins
  • Eye Pins
  • Craft knife
  • Rounding tool
  • Cutters
  • Pliers
  • tweezers
  • Sculpey Gloss

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post. Next, I will be posting what tools I use and what my favourite tools are, plus details of my next project.

Happy Crafting

Ragnarok Online inspired charm bracelet

So I recently started a new hobby, making random things such as trinkets, bracelets and whatever I can do with Polymer Clay (baking, not air dry), and at first I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I had immense confidence but when it came down to it, I wasn’t so sure if I could do it, I hadn’t really did any clay modelling before, maybe once in University, but that was several years ago. So my confidence plummeted once I had the items in front of me. None the less, I had everything that I needed, so why waste it?  Nothing to lose.  The outcome was not fantastic but I was proud of what I was able to achieve.

So the first thing I made was a Ragnarok inspired charm bracelet, also requested from my best friend. If anyone played Ragnarok Online would know instantly what they are, but for those that don’t, I’m making Porings, they are cute little blobs and have kawaii faces. Google it in images, you’ll see so many.

Okay, first step, choosing my colors, I had an idea of what colors I needed, but I pretty much went with the flow. 

2014-08-22 03.41.53
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

So these polymer clay I got off ebay, I found one of those starter packs, which came with various colours, which was great, since I wasn’t sure what it’d be like to actually make anything with clay. In the picture, it may look a bit…naff, but honestly, it’s great to use, it works well for me. However, I do use Fimo Polymer Clay now.

So, now on with the crafting, I conditioned the clay until I was able to roll it into a ball, which took a minute or so, it was really easy to use. If you know what a Poring is, you’ll think it’s super easy to make, and you would be correct, because they are literally just a ball.

2014-08-23 13.15.52
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

So far so good, they look sort of like them. From left to right – Santa Poring, Drops, normal Poring. On with the rest of them….


Featured image
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

TADAAAHH!!!! So this is what it looked like before baking. I think they look pretty good. Although you can be the judge of that ^_^

I baked it in a toaster oven for a few minutes, because my toaster oven does not have temperature settings and I didn’t have a oven temp monitor, I had to go by guess, I was staring at the thing like a hawk the whole time @_@

The waiting was the hard part, I was nervous that it burnt or that I didn’t bake it long enough, I read that they had to be cooled naturally, so I had put a tea towel over them when they came out, since the kitchen was a lot colder than the toaster oven, I didn’t want them to cool too quick in case they crack.

I was surprised that they turned out all well baked but un-burnt. Yayness! =^_^=
After I was sure that they had cooled, I painted a layer of gloss over, making it all nice and shiny, I do know that other people favour in using Polyurethane varnish, I must try that sometime! 

Not only was it the first time for me to do clay modelling, but it was the first time that I had ever considered making jewellery, it was a bit fiddly, but again, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined, and I was pretty proud of what it looked like at the end. Unfortunately, the chain wasn’t as thick as I wanted it to be, so I decided to make a double chain.

2014-09-04 21.56.04
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

The quality of my pictures are not so good =( I’m not great with photography. 

2014-09-07 11.15.38
Pixi Crafts ‘n’ Bits

As I didn’t have any sort of accessories to go with it, I added a little bell, which I think made it look cute. For my first time, I think it was a success. ^_^

Thanks for reading, next will be a Mario inspired bracelet.

What was used : –

  • Polymer Clay –  Colours – Pink, red, white, beige, green, blue
  • Head pins
  • Craft knife
  • Silver Chain
  • Scupley Gloss
  • Pliers
  • Cutters
  • My lovely hands
  • A kick in the wall because of mistakes
    Just joking about the last two =P

Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Happy Crafting